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Spring Amenities

Bear Lake Timeshare offers the perfect getaway during the Spring months. The blossoms on the trees start to come out, the crowds have not arrived and you have the beach and playground all to yourself. 

Hot Tubs and Saunas

After taking a walk around the Resort or playing at the beach, warm up in our hot tub and dry sauna. Our main hot tub stays open year-round so you can always relax with a nice warm soak. You also can kick back after a day of fishing or bird watching in our dry sauna.


Beach Access

Bear Lake Timeshare guests have direct access to the shores of Bear Lake.  Children bring shovels and buckets to collect seashells, build sandcastles, and play on the shore. Parents enjoy relaxing on towels or beach chairs as the subtle tide comes in. Our spacious beaches are perfect for taking evening walks with a loved one, watching the sunset, or simply feeling the sand between your toes. In any case, it is the perfect place to create fond memories. 

Sports and Games

During the Spring, you can enjoy outdoor recreation at Bear Lake Timeshare. We offer outdoor tennis courts and pickleball courts and an outdoor basketball court with six hoops. Each court features regulation nets and dimensions. We also have acres of grass that, depending on the weather, can provide hours of fun building a snowman, cross country skiing, or throwing a football and having a kickball game. 


Wildlife Watching

The Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge stretches across a broad valley north of the lake. It offers a superb habitat for migratory waterfowl. More than 160 avian species, including shorebirds, waterfowl, and songbirds, call the refuge’s wetlands, ponds, and meadows home. Wildlife photographers and avid birders gather here to observe the various birds, including huge flocks of Canada geese, sandhill cranes, and numerous duck species.

Cuthroat Trout.jpeg

Spring Fishing

Anglers come from miles around to enjoy the various fishing opportunities found in the Bear Lake valley. Bear Lake is home to a trophy cutthroat trout fishery where the in 2021 a record cutthroat of 31 inches was caught. Lake trout also inhabit the lake and may grow to 30 lbs. Trolling and jigging from boats can be done throughout the year, winter and spring months being the most productive. 

Green Space

Bear Lake Timeshare offers acres of green space for any activity you can imagine. Depending on the weather you could build a snowman, go cross country skiing, or have a game of soccer, frisbee, football, or kickball. All condos offer easy access and an unrestricted view of the lawn, so watchful parents can keep an eye on their children at play. 


Our playground is located on Bear Lake sand. The playground features 2 large swing sets as well as many slides and different types of equipment to run around and climb on. Adults can play with their little ones or relax on benches nearby. Bring your children and leave it to their imaginations to create an epic adventure!

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